College Facility

Located on a small hillock on the main campus of Lokniketan institution at Ratanpur, the Mahavidyalaya campus is developed. There are classrooms, a library and a laboratory, living rooms of the students, a swimming pool, bathrooms latrines are connected to a bio-gas plant, urinals. The residential quarters of the lecturers and other staff members are beside there. The mahavidyalaya complex has electricity, water supply, a telephone connection, a television, a printing press etc. For the tours and visits by the students, the institution has its own bus also.

These students are offered agronomy, animal husbandry and extension as special subjects. Every student has to select one of these subjects as his special subject. Moreover, they study Gujarati, Hindi or English, history of Indian civilization, book keeping, rural economics, rural hygiene and cleanliness, history of political science, crop protection, crop management, horticulture, extension, soil management, irrigation etc. in the course of their three years' studies. The emphasis of the syllabus is agriculture and allied subjects oriented because 65% of Indian population still depends on farming, as also the prosperity of the nation. The year when the farm production falls, the gross national production considerably comes down. This shows the place of agriculture in the national economics. The employment potential still largely dependent on farming and dairying. Other projects and schemes may be made in any number, big amounts of assistance may be procured from the World Bank, the I.M.F. and many multi-nationals may come to India, they would never be able to provide employment to the rural unemployed masses. The earlier the economists realize this fact, the better, if not, a greater harm is sure to come to the country. The benefits of all the schemes and finding by the World Bank and the I.M.F. have gone to the creamy class. The multinationals come to this country not to help in development but to earn fat earnings and to cheat the country. In such circumstances the sure remedy to provide employment is quick development of farming, dairying and the processing industries of the farm produce on a decentralized scale and reserving the same industries for the small scale industries. Big and medium companies will have to be prohibited to enter this sector to preserve employment potential of this sector.


Hostel Facility

Character building of the students being the sole motto of the Lokniketan, Chhatralayas (Hostels) has been established to provide good atmosphere and an exercise in community living.

As a part of the syllabus it is obligatory for every student to stay in hostel. No day scholar is admitted in this Mahavidyalay. It is required to take part in all the hostel activities. They are self-dependant. As a practice, they wash their own clothes, untensils, cleaning the hostel and play ground, cleaning latrines and urinals, washing and cutting vegetables, serving foods. This is to cultivate the habit of swashraya-self dependant and honoring the labour. Manual work is considered to be worship. It strengthens the body and soothes the mind. It builds courage to face and fight any odd situation in life. Gandhi’s Nai-Talim is introduced as a path finder for well being of the students and for the community at large. If youth is not allergic to human labour he will respect and participate in honouring the labour done by the others. At least these students will not be a parasite.

This exercise of living together cultivates the mind free from caste, creed and culture. It is an exercise in togetherness, intimacy and caring. This can be classed as a secular construction of the self needed for the Indian society. This secular construction brings mind free from prejudice. It prepares the youth worthy for Nation Integration and Harmony because it makes dialogue possible. It generates the capacity to turn monolog into dialogue. In this way they are moulded as the citizens of the new egalitarian society based on Sarvoday ideology i.e., non-exploitation and free from injustice.

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