The objective of the gram vidyapiths is to advance the knowledge of rural vocations and to prepare graduates in these fields with a view to developing rural farming, dairying and increase rural prosperity through them. These graduates will take up leadership in the fields of panchayatiraj, co-operative movement, health and hygiene, women's awareness etc. and work to make villages richer, united and basic units of gram swaraj. Hence gram vidyapiths is an ideology, a philosophy and a typical system of education creating their own pattern in the rural higher education. Their results so far have been encouraging.

Education in this mahavidyalaya is not confined to four walls. In addition, the students have to do assignments, plot-work, village shibir (camp), tribal area shibir, study tours, visits to progressive farms, research centres, placement in a school and a farm, writing a dissertation etc. And all these are evaluated as a part of their syllabus. The students have to do 250 hours of productive work each in the institution in a year and the state education department has exempted them from paying any tuition fees. Of course, the government recovers the wages of this productive work from the mahavidyalayas. Such productive work is assigned to them on the farm, in the cow-shed, in horticulture etc. They have to complete 250 hours of productive work before the annual examination, failing which they can be prevented from appearing in the annual examination.

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